Lilly, pond, water, flowers

Closer Appreciation, 10" x 20", oil, Private Collection

Created For Us, 9" x 12", oil

A Place For Me, 14" x 11", oil


So Much Wonder, 30" x 24", oil, Private Collection

Declaring His Handiwork, 18" x 24", oil


So Much To See, 12" x 16", oil

So Many Blessings WP

So Many Blessings, 16" x 12", oil Winner of a Sponsor award at the Illinois River Salon Art Exhibition

Southern Expression WP

Southern Expression, 11" x 14", oil, Private Collection

Loving The Light WP

Loving The Light, 20" x 16", oil, Private Collection

Blessing In A Storm WP

Blessings In A Storm, 9" x 12", oil. Private Collection

Creation All Around Us WP

Creation All Around You, 9" x 12", oil

No Big And Small WP

No Big And Small, 30" x 40", oil, wrapped canvas,

Simplify WP (1)

Simplify, 11" x 14", oil, Private Collection

So Much To Say WP

So Much To Say, 9" x 12", oil, Private Collection

Earthly WP

Earthly, 16" x 20", oil

Come To The Light

Come To The Light, 18" x 24", oil

All Around Us FB

All Around Us, 11" x 14", oil

tulip painting, flower painting, colorful painting

The Walls Came Down, 12" x 16", oil

WP Designing

Designing, 14" x 18", oil, private collection

painting of Cone Flowers, colorful painting of Cone Flowers, painting of yellow flowers

Medicinally Speaking, 9" x 12", oil, Private Collection

large painting of Jonquils, oil painting of Jonquils. orange flower painting.

Spendor, 36" x 48", Private Collection

painting of pink roses, painting of red roses, still life painting of red roses

Smell The Roses, 11" x 14", oil

painting of red and orange roses

Color Me, 16" x 20", oil

red and white roses painting.

The Flowers Fall, 16" x 20", oil

flowers, sunflowers, still life

Eternally Creating 16" x 20", oil, Private Collection