Still Life

Pears, still life of pears, yellow and red pear

In A Pear Tree, 11" x 14", oil, Private Collection

The Potter's Way, 9" x 12", oil, In The 2017 Artists of Northwest Arkansas's 23rd Annual Regional Art

Don't Bug Me WP

Don't Bug Me, 30" x 40", oil, Private Collection

Light WP

Light, 9" x 12", oil

Many Gifts WP

Many Gifts, 9'" x 12", oil. Painting accepted in the Oil Painters of America 2017 Eastern Regional Competition

Eat More Spinach WP

Eat More Spinach, 12" x 16", oil

Shine On Me, 14" x 11", oil

Fruitful, 9" x 24", oil, Private Collection

Giving Thanks WP

Giving Thanks, 8" x12", oil. Private Collection

Bear Much Fruit WP

Bear Much Fruit, 14" x 11", oil

Simplify, oil, 11" x 14", oil, Private Collection

 A Colorful Season WP

A Colorful Season, 12" x 16", oil

Another Time WP

Another Time, 9" x 12", oil

Just Peachy (for ANA) copy

Just Peachy, 12" x 16", oil, Private Collection

Quiet Time WP

Quiet Time, 11" x 14", oil

Lean On Me Wp

Lean On Me, 11" x 14", oil

Freedom, 9/28/10, 11:44 AM, 8C, 4472x3533 (1488+1232), 100%, Repro 2.2 + co, 1/12 s, R90.0, G57.5, B72.5

New Freedom, 9" x 12", oil, Private Collection

Become One WP

Become One, 11" x 14", oil

New Wine WP

New Wine, 18" x 24", oil

First Fruits WP

First Fruits, 11" x 14", oil

A Time For Everything Wp

A Time For Everything 2, 18" x 24", oil


Tree and Vine, 16" x 20", oil, Private Collection

WP The Good Book

The Good Book, 11" x 14", oil, private collection

Hats Off To You, 12" x 16", oil

Bottles, glass, wine glass, medicine bottles

Be Filled, 9" x 12", Oil, Private Collection

Sacks, painting of sacks, oil painting of sacks, oil painting of grocery sacks.

Carry The Load, 9" x 12", oil