October, 2018 Newsletter

Update On US|How Are Things With You|Art Update


Update On Us

Just an update on Betty.  We met with the Doctor on Oct. 1st.  The PetScan, CTScan and blood work shows no cancer.  Praise God.  She will be monitored every couple of months for now.  I do not know why God brought her through this, but I am so thankful.  She has been through so much and she has come a long way since being diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer with strong Faith.  No matter the results we give Praise to God through it all.  We both know this is not heaven and know where we are going, but we give thanks and enjoy the good things God gives us all here. We pray we listen and serve the Lord where He sends us.  Betty and I have had many Spiritual battles together for so many years and I am so thankful she is here to battle a few more.  

How are Things with You?

As I said in an earlier e-maiI that I have read how we need to find out how different people we know communicate.  Is it by facebook message, text, e-mail, etc.  We are so thankful for those who got back with us since the last newsletter and for a friend we have not seen in years who came to see us.

Please keep in touch.  I hope we can get together at some time and place.  You can contact us at the bottom of the newsletter.  We really would like to hear from you!!!! 

I know there are those on this e-mail list who have lost a loved one, who are ill and have those whose family and friends who are ill.  I pray for God’s peace and faith through it all.  Please keep us updated.

Art Update

I still feel led to paint and am thankful.  I just finished and entered a painting for an Arkansas bicentennial art competition in 2019.  A good friend, Shane Mhoon, a short time back drove me through some back country of Arkansas.  At that time I did not know about the competition but I took a picture of a unique bldg. that has quite a history that Shane stopped to show me.  The painting was done from that. Whether it gets in or not, I enjoyed painting it.  I hope many artists will enter and enjoy painting. You can check out the competition at: 


I try to keep my art website updated so I hope you will check it out at times.  


Please keep in touch in some way.  We are always open to getting together.

May God bless you so abundantly,




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I would enjoy hearing from you. I wonder how many friends are not keeping up on facebook so would like to make sure we do not lose touch.