November, 2018 Newsletter

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Update On Us

Just an update on Betty.  We met with the Surgeon on November 16th and the Oncologist on November 18th.  Both said Betty is doing good so do not see the Oncologist again until Jan. 16th. Praise God.  As I said in the last e-mail that no matter the results we give Praise to God through it all.  We both know this is not heaven and know where we are going, but we give thanks and enjoy the good things God gives us all here. We pray we listen and serve the Lord where He sends us.  Betty and I have had many Spiritual battles together for so many years and I am so thankful we are here to battle a few more.  

An awesome thing we met a couple who lives here while Betty was taking chemo. The wife works for Young Life. She had a very rare type of leukemia and it was in her bones. She had a tough type of chemo with a total of over 300 days of it, I think. She is doing well and is strong in the Lord. I noticed on facebook recently that she had attended a Young Life banquet in Shreveport with her niece. At about the same time our son sent us a video of our granddaughter in a Young Life video in Shreveport. We are so thankful that our granddaughter who is only 14 years old has already worn out one Bible. It is amazing to me how God brings us together. So Amazing. You can watch the video below. I hope you will watch it. It is an awesome video.

How are Things with You?

As I said in an earlier e-maiI that I have read how we need to find out how different people we know communicate.  Is it by facebook message, text, e-mail, etc. 

Our door is always open!

Please, please keep in touch.  I hope we can get together at some time and place.  You can contact us at the bottom of the newsletter.  We really would like to hear from you!!!! 

I know there are those on this e-mail list who have lost a loved one, who are ill and have those whose family and friends who are ill.  I pray for God’s peace and faith through it all.  Those battles are not always an easy thing. A Christian counselor friend, Jim Hightower, wrote the following several years ago in a Christian church newsletter:

“At last he spoke, ‘So we come to it in the end, he said: the great battle of our time, in which many things will pass away.  But at least there is no longer any need for hiding.  We will ride the straight way and the open road and with all our speed.’  These words are not words from the prophet Daniel, or words found in the book of Revelation.  These are the words of Aragorn, the Heir of Isildur, and the last true high king of Gondor in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Return of the King.  It is the last book of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  The first movie installment of this series, ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ has been a tremendous box office success.  I must confess to being a Tolkien fan since my freshman year of college when I first read these fascinating books.  I was also, at that time, a new Christian, pumped up and ready for spiritual adventures.  So Tolkien and I were a perfect match.  I was eager to experience the spiritual victory in my life that I had discovered was possible.  And Tolkien led us through Middle Earth on a perilous quest; a struggle of all that is virtuous and honorable against the forces of the dark lord and all that is vile and evil.  It sounds a bit like Paul’s letter to the Ephesians when he said, ‘For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the power of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.’  No this is not another, ‘let’s go kick the devil’s tail’ article.  I have mellowed a little since those days.  But mellowing doesn’t mean that I take spiritual warfare any less seriously.  In fact, the more I work with individuals and couples in counseling, the more I am acutely aware of the battle that is occurring daily in people’s hearts and minds.  Aragorn, Frodo and Gimli the dwarf fought against orcs, dragons, dark riders, and even a fire-breathing Balrog.  We struggle with demons of doubt, guilt, pride, fear, oppression, lies and deception.  And we all carry the wounds of these battles.  The question is, ‘what do we do when we’re wounded in the battle?’  The members of the Fellowship of the Ring discovered that the lord Aragorn was not only of royal lineage and a valiant warrior, but also a healer.  We too have a high King who not only is of royal lineage, but also is a valiant warrior, and the Master Healer.  Do we come to Him for the healing only he can provide?’  Do we follow Him back into the battle of life and relationships, or do we withdraw and hide because the pain is almost more than we can bear and the risk of further injury is too great?  I think Aragorn’s words apply to us today also, ‘So we come to it…the great battle of our time.’  It is my prayer that whatever battle you or I fight, we will not run away.  Let us ride the straight way and open road.  We follow a High King, whose nail-scarred hands are the hands of a healer.”  

Art Update

I have developed arthritis mainly in my painting trigger finger so I am trying to use it less. Still want to paint and so thankful to be able to do it. .

I will be having my regular first of the year 1/2 price sale the month of January. It will be on a first come, first serve basis. I am thinking when some of the family are here around Christmas time asking them to vote on the 6 or 8 paintings to put up for sale. I hope you will look at the art website under Special Sale.

Please keep in touch in some way.  We are always open to getting together.

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. So very much to be thankful for. Always!!!!

May God bless you so abundantly,



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