May, 2018 Newsletter

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There will be a change in newsletter format next month.  I woke up one night thinking how it would be better in regard to the part about creativity to replace it with a section about all kinds of gifts.  How are questions of who, what, where, when, how and why answered whether they be functional or Spiritual by those with so many gifts?  Thoughts came to mind about doctors, lawyers, restaurant workers, nano physicists, teachers, musicians, salesmen, carpenters, actors, preachers, landscapers, designers, mothers, fathers, farmers, oil field workers, foresters and on and on.  I do not know if I can do this, but I hope and pray I ask people to give responses to those questions and put them in a monthly newsletter.  Like the organization workmatters headed by David Roth believes work does really matter.

             Title: Enough Said, 14" x 11", oil

            Title: Enough Said, 14" x 11", oil

May Auction

The retail price of the painting is $410 unframed.  The minimum bid is $100 plus applicable taxes and shipping.  Look below to bid.  The top bidder and others that bid will be notified the first of the following month.  

How are Things with You?

I would really enjoy hearing from you.  I  read recently how we need to find out how different people we know communicate.  Is it by facebook message, text, e-mail, etc.  I wish it was like years ago when people would just show up at the door to visit and if it was not a good time that was OK.  Now we need to make an appointment a week or two in advance and that is if it really ends up happening.  I wish we could find time to visit person to person.  I know I fall short of that at times. You can contact me at the bottom of newsletter.  You do not need to bid in order to keep in touch. 

Willis and Betty Church Picture NL.jpg

Right now the biggest thing is my wife Betty is finishing up with chemo for stage 4 cancer.  She will be closely monitored to see if she needs more.  As of now,  she has behind her surgery and 15 once/wk. chemo on May 7th.  The Doctors say she is doing really well for which we are very thankful.  

When we get this behind us we look forward to getting back to Sunday school and church and volunteering at church.  Also, Betty would like to go to Charleston, SC. for R and R so that is hopefully our plan.

I am planning on going fishing on the White River a couple of days the end of May.  I am really looking forward to spending time with friends and soaking in God’s beautiful creation.

I turned 80 this year.  A lot of things have gone through my mind at that age besides that it might be the last bulk purchase of dental floss I will need to buy at Sam’s.  

The main thing on my mind is how can I let people know about the love and power of God in my short time left.  I think the most important thing to say is we need to stay regularly listening to God in the Bible and talking with him.  There are so many voices in the world and we need to know the truth of God and not what the world says is the truth.   

When we consider truth, think about the awesome universe and all its creation.  Now think about God’s Word.  Is it so incomprehensible to realize that God with the power of the Holy Spirit can and did create His written Word without flaws through men?  God was there in every debate, every decision and every piece of His perfect Word.  As human beings, we try to relate God to human endeavors and how we write imperfect things but God is without error and in charge of His plan and it is His Holy Word.

I also pray often that the Lord will continue to make me more like Him.  I look forward to that day in heaven when we all will be totally filled with His Spirit.  We will then be back to the right state where there is no sense of good or evil.  It will be a natural state.  It will be In the presence of God state.  




Creative People

Tim Breaux

I hope you will take time to look at a fine artist Tim Breaux’s work.  I first got to know Tim plein air painting with him around Eureka Springs, AR.   Later he set up a group of us painting in Boxley Valley for a few days.  We would paint night and day up till 11 PM at night.  We called ourselves the 4 musketeers.  We later had a gathering at the White River plein air competition.  I did not win an award but Tim did. 

We used battery operated book lights at night to see what we were doing.  The alarm at Kingston went off next door and people were coming around to see what we were doing.  In Ponca we painted a filling station since that was about the only lights around for nocturnal painting.  Below is the painting Tim was working on at Kingston.


              Tim Breaux noturnal painting in Kingston, AR

             Tim Breaux noturnal painting in Kingston, AR

Nocturnal Painting Tips

Before going on the Buffalo River outing I had never painted nocturnally.  Thanks to Dave Stewart for taking me under his wing as we painted Ponca, Kingston and Jasper at night.  I learned the following:

  • You can take a little acrylic white and put it where the light areas are located.  You can paint oil on dry acrylic. That is an option.
  • Ultramarine Blue mixed with Raw Umber or Burnt Umber makes black when mixed just right. 
  • Use clip on book lights to illuminate your palette and canvas in the dark. 
  • Paint your dark areas basically first and save the light areas.  
  • How the light is cast and the color of the light areas are important. 
  • Watch where you walk carrying a lot of art supplies in the dark.  Your leg like mine might drop into an uncovered drain.  I know!!!
  • Enjoy and believe you can do it.


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