Depends On How You Slice It

Years ago I took a workshop from someone who had the neatest color wheels.  It was like she had taken a world with the insides being all colors and values.  Then she had horizontal slices of her world.  The higher the slices the lighter the values of all the color wheel.  The lower slices had darker values of all the color wheel.  I was just thinking wouldn’t it be beautiful to have vertical slices of that world.  That would be beautifully different.  

I did a still life painting once of a patchwork quilt.  As I remember each had a gradation of color and value and I tried to have the adjacent patch be such that it’s color was a different temperature i.e. warm against cool, etc.  It was a watercolor painting and I wanted to enter it in a competition but an artist said that some of the colors of the quilt were too intense.  With watercolor that meant I had to think opposite the color wheel on each color and value to tone it down.  That was a good exercise in thinking across the color wheel and how you cut it.  

I hope someone does vertical cuts of a color world.  That would be something to see. Beauty can be simply on how you slice it.