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Willis Miller

Artist in Northwest Arkansas

Fayetteville, AR



Willis Miller was reared in Oklahoma City and graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Forestry.  At the age of 40 he was led to begin painting.  His first teacher, Janice Clark, was very instrumental in guiding him into the world of art.  Although he did not know her at the time, she observed some of his work in a frame shop.  She told the storeowner, if he does not think he knows it all, I would like to teach him.  From that point on she began instructing him without charge.  Around that time Janice was featured in a book entitled, A fine Age - Creativity As A Key To Successful Aging. 


Artist StatemenT

I feel so blessed to have been an artist for over 39 years.  Early in my training I was told to paint shapes and not things, and that is true to a point.  Artists are also taught to paint warm against cool, dark against light, rough against smooth and so many, many other things concerning principles and elements of design.  With so many thoughts and tools, I feel driven to express different things in different ways.  Therefore, for me, my work must be to create with feeling and thought rather than developing style.

Our God is an awesome Creator.  To express joy in His gift is enough.  A friend to whom I taught art many years ago wrote me once and said, “KEEP PAINTING!!! Willis, I firmly believe God is pleased when we create something beautiful for the enjoyment of others as well as ourselves.”  I want that to be true!