Walk In The Sprit SS.jpg

Walk in the Spirit with a Cloud of Witnesses

This Christian book took over 10 years to write and can be found in a number of University Libraries across the USA.  Click on publisher LuLu below to purchase.

Art Book For Sale

This art book is for sale for $80 plus applicable taxes and shipping. It contains 25 images on my artwork. I hope it is a peaceful thing to see.

Painting For Sale


Title: Expression of Creation, 20” x 10”, oil

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Good Morning SS.jpg

Title:Good Morning

11” x 14”, oil

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Day In Spain SS.jpg

Title: Day In Spain,

11” x 14”, oil

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Tree in the Garden 1 SS.jpg

Title: Tree in the Garden 1, 36” x 48”, oil

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You can place an order for one of my paintings shown on this website if it is not sold. Also, you can request a commission piece or inquire about a painting of a subject that I have painted but may not be on showing on this website.

I am posting my giclees for sale on Etsy. I hope you will take a look. If you want other sizes, please contact me and I will try to add them to Etsy.

You can buy prints on several type of surfaces and merchandise. If you would like me to add more here, please contact me.

A special first of the year sale will be held the month of January.